Vaping 101

Electronic Cigarettes 101

If you are completely new to Electronic Cigarettes there is a large amount of information to sift through and to learn. Ideally you will see this resource valuable in getting started in the world of ‘vaping’(Applying Electronic Smokes). I’ve attempted to breakdown the process of studying vaping, and how to get began. This content will walk you through four important techniques that I learned prior to going out and purchase your first device.

Before I start this Electronic Cigarette 101 series I thought I’d offer a personal statement about myself and how electronic cigarettes changed my entire life:

“I was a 20+ year 2+ pack a good day smoke enthusiast. I loved cigarette smoking. I understood and understood it had been eliminating me and I didn’t care. I was going to smoke until I died from it. I know that sounds harsh, but I possessed to admit and overcome that before I could even get started trying alternatives. I declare this to emphasize how finding the right electronic cigarette and the right support network helped me never to and then become tobacco free but to change my attitude about smoking cigarettes and improve my standard of living. My hope is these introduction to electric cigarette articles support anyone who feels they can not give up tobacco to consider striving an electric cigarette and successfully make the switch. Possibly old pet dogs like me, can uncover new tricks.”

“However, along my voyage it’s been my encounter that electronic cigarettes do not have the one size meets all solution that lots of search for if they want to change from smoking to an e-cig. A cigarette is generally a cigarette. Nevertheless, an electric cigarette is similar to a tailored go well with. I can confidently say there is normally no one best electronic cigarette out there. But! I can also confidently say I really believe there is an digital cigarette out there for everyone!”

“There exists a well-known credo among electronic cigarette users: The very best electronic cigarette may be the one which keeps you from cigarette smoking tobacco. I consider this to heart and highly recommend that you carry out the same throughout your search. No matter how advanced an electric cigarette user becomes, all of them are meant to support users reduce or replace their smoking habit. Making an effective switch, for me, depends on both person and the equipment.”

Hopefully you find this series useful in finding that right hit that makes you tobacco totally free – Vape Loud, Vape Proud! – Bogey

Chapter 1: Found in the Beginning

Maybe it had been a e-cig in a retail outlet or gas station that made you wonder. Maybe it was that kiosk in the mall. Perhaps you saw a commercial on Television or it had been a web advertising when you had been browsing. You might have had a discussion with a vaper in the designated smoking area at your projects. Regardless of how you were launched to the thought of switching to electronic smokes, your today looking. That’s great!

Now, forget all you learned up to now. Well maybe certainly not everything but a whole lot of it. I want to explain.

My first contact with electronic cigarettes was a good late night tv commercial found in 2011. It acquired me wondering about electronic cigarettes so I decided to start out researching them. That’s when the overpowering tsunami of facts hit me such as a truck. YouTube, Facebook, Google Queries, Forums, Blogs, Online Vendors, Mall Vendors, it had been an excessive amount of too fast!

Like many I needed to buy the very best electronic cigarette right from the start. However, supposedly every person had the ‘best digital cigarette’. So here’s my first piece of advice: Yes, it really is overwhelming but take the time and sit back, breathe, and relax. Lets talk this out. Before we venture out and start looking for the ‘best electronic cigarette’ lets have a step again, learn just a little and formulate an idea. Sound good?

1st Step: Make “The Commitment”

You will possibly not want to listen to this, but you have to consider the dreaded question every smoker I’ve met cringes at, ‘Am I Ready?’ Switching to electric cigarettes isn’t necessarily hard, but it isn’t exactly easy either. I understand, that doesn’t seem sensible, but let me see easily can explain.

You are thinking about changing a habit which you have likely had for several years. You are likely incredibly intimate with this habit, and (lets hope not really) could carry out it in your sleep. Lots of the motions, the ceremony, and the rituals will be ingrained in you. As the physical motions and activities of using an electric cigarette act like smoking there are a few differences. Many may not even notice these differences and can easily put on electronic cigarette work with. Others cannot, and struggle.

If the beginning of your quest turns out to be easy or really difficult, you need commitment to go to electronic smokes. When I initial started using electronic smokes, I made the commitment to switch. I came across this mindset very helpful. Many may see electronic smoking cigarettes as a highway to quitting cigarette smoking. If that’s your aim great! However everybody knows as smokers quitting can be beyond hard. I can only offer these suggestions from knowledge: Make the dedication to switch 1st. Once you generate that adjustment, then tackle the mindset necessary to quit. There is a great quote in the business world, “don’t make an effort to take in the elephant in a single bite, have it in bits” I think that works here as well. Switch to reduce your harm, then quit if you opt to do so. In the event that you try to eat the elephant in one bite, you might become frustrated and present up.

Switching to electronic smoking cigarettes means digging in to your smoking behaviour and understanding what motivates you to smoke. Figuring this out now will end up being invaluable in determining what will help to make the switch to using electronic smokes better and making a sensible first purchase.

2nd Step: Determine Why You Smoke

I am not going to profess to become a professional researcher, or behavioural specialist. However, I feel pleasant expressing that there are a few common sense explanations why people smoke smoking cigarettes. Below are a few reasons that I believe warrant some contemplation when you considering switching.

  • Addiction: Tobacco specifically in the sort of smoking cigarettes is addictive. Check out: Symptoms of Smoking Withdrawal. Some suffer a lot more than others, such as keeping cigarettes by your bed in case you awaken and crave one. Addiction could be a solid driving force behind continuing to smoke tobacco. Could it be one of yours? Must you have a cigarette? Does not smoking cause you to irritable, provide you with a headache, or create cravings that are overwhelming? If so, you need to think about your craving to nicotine in your seek out an electronic cigarette.
  • The Feeling/Action/Sense is Pleasurable: Maybe you like the sense and action of cigarette smoking. Probably it’s the smell of tobacco, or perhaps you love that thump in your throat when you attract smoke. Probably it’s the flavour, or approach a cigarette feels. They are all important considerations. Do you prefer smoking, but don’t always contain nicotine withdrawal symptoms if you can’t smoke right away? Make a set of the things you find pleasurable about smoking. That list will help you evaluate products and extras that may match your needs and continue steadily to satiate those pleasurable activities.
  • Routine/Ritual: Perhaps you just like the routine of smoking, The hand to mouth actions, or maybe smoking cigarettes during or after actions (meals, espresso, drinking, etc). You might like ‘slacking’ the cigarettes, or the ‘blink’ of a Zippo when light it. Make sure to note these exact things and use them in evaluating what my work for you.
  • Stress/Reward: You may smoke in stressful conditions to help relax, or after an especially difficult activity. You might light up after reaching an objective or completing an activity to reward yourself. A proverbial ‘smokey treat’. Make sure you realize this is portion of your cigarette smoking ritual, and consider why you think it is rewarding. Often it can be linked to the three products above, but don’t low cost it if it’s important to you.
  • Peer Pressure/Pressure to squeeze in: Perhaps your immediate family group, or close friends are smokers. You could have co-workers who smoke and you go with them on breaks and wish to join in to truly be considered part of the group. While I am not really a proponent of employing electronic cigarettes assuming you have hardly ever smoked before, remember that that is a possible affect in guiding your decisions when switching to electric cigarettes.

Do any of the items above or what others possessed to state sound familiar? Take a moment to jot down or make an email in your phone why you smoke. Contrary to popular belief it will be very handy when selecting your first electronic cigarette. It’s very important to understand why you smoke. Knowing this will permit you to tailor your first experience to cover these causes, which I believe increases your likelihood of successfully and easier making the switch. There are many devices and ways of using electronic cigarettes which can help you cope with the illustrations above.

What is vaping? and just why is that term as a result important? Vaping is a term applied to spell it out the act of utilizing a personal vaporizer (PV) or Mod which happen to be commercially called an Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig). Until recently I’ve purposefully used the term electronic cigarette. Even so, as you continue to learn and browse other articles in this blog, you may observe that I work with the conditions Vaping/Vape/Personal Vaporizer (PV)/Mod just about everywhere else. Why?

Well ‘electronic cigarette’ is an extremely useful term for attracting current smokers. Smokers smoke cigars and we have to maintain a link with them to ensure they can find the initial details that draws them to learning to be a vaper (end user of electronic cigarettes). Many new users of electronic smoking cigarettes quickly find out they are ‘vaping’ certainly not smoking an electronic cigarette. After successfully giving up smokes vapers may no more appreciate the ‘cigarette’ in electric cigarette. They will be no longer smokers. Dancing for this topic is somewhat of a catch 22. You will need the word ‘cigarette’ to attract smokers, but after switching many don’t want to embrace the word cigarette or cigarette smoking. It’s a difficult topic to describe, but is crucial in your seek out your first electronic cigarette.

It is important to learn because when looking for information on ‘electronic smokes’ you may find very different results than if you search on the word ‘vaping’ or ‘vape’. Generally ‘electric cigarette’ is a far more commercial term used by large retailers and professional enterprises such as for example tobacco corporations, whereas vaping/vape/personal vaporizer (PV) along with ‘mod’ (a shortened vaping term indicating an electric Cigarette or PV) are usually terms used by users (vapers). I tend to find a lot more useful and helpful information, reviews, and not as much biased opinions by genuine users of the products, not the people selling them.

Step 4: Tips about Searching for Information

As mentioned above searching ‘electronic cigarette’ includes a higher likelihood to pull up questionable/paid testimonials generally associated with a certain brand name or large corporate sponsored information. Whereas, using conditions like vaping/personal vaporizer (PV)/Mod reach the users. Balancing the application of these conditions will yield better search results.These are a couple of things I guess anyone searching for information in vaping should take into account.

  1. It’s vital that you understand and draw a distinction between your term ‘vaping/vape’ and the word ‘smoking/smoke’.

Vaping is the procedure for vaporizing a good liquid containing smoking and flavouring which is inhaled by an individual. Unlike creating smoke cigarettes through combustion it uses the procedure of a heating a liquid to change it to a gaseous form (much like boiling normal water creates steam). An individual of a personal vaporizer is usually inhaling a vaporized liquid, not the smoke resulting from burnt plant matter. Therefore probably your saying at this point ‘okay great’ but how come that matter?

Well, there are a lot of companies sprouting up that offer electronic cigarettes plus some will be good, and others happen to be well not so good. It’s been my experience that professional sites that use the term ‘smoking’ an electric cigarette are usually more interested in generating sales and less considering the quality and efficiency of their item. Please know however, that is a general rather than hard and fast rule. Using the word smoking an e-cigarette is more common and recognized terminology in Europe and Australia, however vaping/vape is more prevalent in the U.S. Worthwhile website selling Personal Vaporizers/Electric Cigarettes ought to know the difference between smoking cigarettes, and vaping and their materials and presentation should present that. Knowing how the word vape/vaping is applied may help you in weeding out some those terrible ones, from the nice ones.

  1. Any blog that compares how extended their cartridges/tanks/refills last to several packs of smoking cigarettes is questionable at very best.
    A second danger sign for sites that are more interested in your cash than your satisfaction are the ones that use comparisons to slacks of cigarettes. If a niche site is making direct comparisons between packs of smokes and how very long their cartridges/tanks/refills previous they tend not the best source for your first kit. This type of evaluation is normally flawed and you can’t really draw a realistic comparison between cartridges and packs of smoking cigarettes. As you find out more about vaping, become familiar with everyone vapes at a numerous tempo making such comparisons useless. It’s nearly the same as saying “I eat 3 apples a day, therefore, it would seem sensible that drinking 1 cup of apple juice will be equivalent and meet my dependence on apples”. It only doesn’t work that way.

The final item is my personal biggest warning.

  1. Do not obtain (or even explore around) any site that needs you to sign up for any kind of refill program.

Any reputable site selling equipment won’t have a refill course. These are programs such as for example: “He will provide you with a free of charge electronic cigarette and pay only 39.95 monthly and we will give you refills for your electronic cigarette!” Refill programs more often than not end up getting scams. While there are a few reputable monthly subscription programs for refill liquid they will be considerably and few between (at least at that time this was written). These scams can wrap up costing you a lot more money, period and frustration than smoking ever did. Please, prevent them like the plague.

Wrap Up

So right now there are the basics. Understanding and understanding these items can help get you were only available in your search. On the other hand, there is a lot more to consider in the event that you truly want to obtain the right starting stage for you.

The next post in this series will describe the basic elements of an electric cigarette and help you develop ‘vaping goals’ to use when contemplating your first purchase. This will hopefully help you overcome some common complications I see latest vapers face if they don’t realize the pieces of an electronic cigarette or consider their demands (predicated on their habits which we discussed below). An electric cigarette isn’t one size meets all activity and as stated is more a customized activity, a casino game of offer and have and compromise.

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