Get Pet Hair Off And Out Of Your Home

Types of Pet Hair
There are three types of pet hair:
1. Greasy – These are the kind of hair that’s found in your pet’s coat and on your furniture. It is difficult to remove because it has a lot of oil in it and dirt. You may need to purchase a special cleaner for this type of hair.
2. Brittle – The term brittle refers to the hair that breaks off easily from the animal’s body. Since they don’t have a lot of oil, these hairs can be removed more easily than greasy hairs.
3. Downy – This type of pet hair is soft and fluffy, but doesn’t have much oil or dirt in it like greasy or brittle fibers do. Downy hairs are often found on furniture or carpeting since their natural oils make them lighter than other types of fibers.

What To Do About Dog Fur
Many people have had the experience of walking into a home and coming across a trail of dog fur. The problem is that many people don’t realise that pet hair can be a huge health hazard because it often contains bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants.
In this blog post, we explore five ways to remove pet hair from your home. From using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to vacuuming with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to investing in an upright vacuum cleaner or even using ice hockey gloves, there are plenty of methods you can try out for yourself!

What to do about Cat Fur

It’s time to get pet hair out of your home. Cat fur and dog hair are a common problem for many homeowners. There are some natural methods you can try before investing in costly cleanup options.

How to use a vacuum cleaner
for pet hair
Have you ever tried to vacuum your home with a standard hose? It’s difficult, to say the least. Not only is it hard work, but it also doesn’t get rid of all the hair that you want to clean up.
Fortunately, there’s an easier way! With this quick guide on how to use a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, you’ll be able to easily sweep up all the hair in your home with ease.
It sounds simple enough (and it really is), but these tips will have your house looking and smelling great again in no time:
-First, start with a clean carpet or floor surface. If the area has pet hair on it already, remove as much as possible before vacuuming.
-Next, pick up some of the loose hairs in a dustpan and then put them into a bag or trash can that’s close by. If you don’t want to pick them up yourself, just buy some disposable bags from your local store or grocery store.
-Now turn on your vacuum cleaner and plug in the attachment designed for picking up pet hair. This is usually found near the front of the vacuum cleaner handle or behind where you plug it in.

Hacks For A Cleaner Home.
There are many things that can make your home look amazing. However, there are also many things that can get in the way of making your home clean. If you’re not sure how to get rid of those little dust bunnies, or if you just want a cleaner looking home, keep reading.
1. Clean With A Vacuum
This is the easiest way to remove pet hair from carpets and furniture without having to do anything else. Just run the vacuum over the area and watch as all the hairs disappear.
2. Use Wet Clothes Or Towels
If you’re struggling with pet hair on clothes, use a wet towel or a wet pair of clothes to remove it from your clothing before storing them in a dryer for later use. This trick will also work for drying any other type of clothing.
3. Get Rid Of Pet Hair On Your Home Furniture With A Paper Towel Or Newspaper
It turns out that paper towels can be used for more than just cleaning up messes! This hack is useful because it comes off easily and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue like some other cleaners might do when trying to remove dog hair from furniture.

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro
Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is the 1st auto-dumping robot vacuum-mop with four line lidar sensors from Viomi.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance technology and uses dual Laser Lidar Sensors, so it can detect obstacles within 70-90mm at the front. It can automatically avoid 150+ common household items, like slippers, power strips, pet bowls, and dustbins, etc. Putting stuff away before cleanup is not a must anymore.

With a cutting-edge line laser sensor on the side, Alpha 2 Pro cleans as close as 1.5cm to the walls, or your items, leaving no messy corners without scratching your furnitures, walls or other items.

Besides, this automatic vacuum automatically builds a map of your home after the first mapping, thanks to its 360° AI laser scanning & mapping technology. It also adapts to a variety of complex environments and navigates smoothly to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortly anytime, without interruptions.

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