5 Tips To Help You Declutter And Clean Like A Minimalist

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Find your clutter triggers
Decluttering can be as easy as finding your clutter triggers. These are the things that cause you to accumulate dust bunnies or old magazines. Once you identify where these triggers are, it becomes easier to maintain a decluttered space. For example, maybe you’re a coffee addict and your kitchen counters become clutter spots. To avoid this, put all of your coffee supplies in one cabinet or drawer so they don’t clutter up the countertop.
Decluttering should be about more than just clearing out your house; it should also be about creating an organized home environment for yourself. That means finding ways to stop the clutter from accumulating in the first place!

Pick up more often
The more often you pick up, the less time you’re going to spend cleaning. If you have kids or pets, this is especially important.
When it comes to picking up after them, don’t just focus on the floors. They need to clean their rooms as well! Cleaning up after your kids and pets will not only remove any messes that they may have made, but it will also teach them the importance of keeping things organized and clean – habits that they’ll carry with them into adulthood.
If you find yourself getting frustrated or feeling overwhelmed by clutter, then it’s time for a decluttering session. Once you’ve rid yourself of unwanted items, it’ll be much easier to maintain an organized home!
You can declutter by sorting through your closet and drawers together with your partner or roommate – it can give you new perspective on what clothes you want to get rid of. You can also divide and conquer: one person could sort through all of the clothes in the closet while another sorts through all the clothes in the dresser drawers. This way, you won’t have to worry about anyone taking more than their share of unwanted items

Define your “must-keeps”
The first step to declutter and clean like a minimalist is to figure out what you want in your life. You should be able to define the things that are important—the “must-keeps.” This doesn’t just mean sentimental items, but also practical items. You need to think about what you really need in order to live comfortably, as well as what items are simply nice-to-have.

Get rid of guilt by donating and recycling
Decluttering can be a daunting task. And it’s natural to feel the urge to keep certain items. But if you’re trying to declutter your home like a minimalist, it’s important that you let go of any guilt and just donate or recycle what you don’t need.
Doing this will not only help get rid of clutter, but it will also give back to the community and do your part in helping the environment. One way to make donating easier is by setting up a “donation station.” This is an area where people can easily drop off items that they no longer need for donation. You could even set up bins around your house so family members know where to put things when they want to give them away. Decluttering is much easier when you have designated donation areas set up!

Declutter one room at a time
Decluttering is a great way to boost your mood and make your home feel more comfortable. The first step in decluttering is deciding where you want to start. If you’re looking for something specific, like a bag or a charger, start with the room where it’s most likely to be. If you’re not sure where it might be, start with the room that needs the most work-perhaps the kitchen or the bathroom.

Another important tip is to declutter one room at a time. This will help you from getting overwhelmed by all of the things that need to be done and allow you to focus on one task at hand. Once you’ve completed this task, move onto another space and so on until everything has been decluttered!
It might also be helpful to set goals for yourself as well as timelines for when each decluttering project should be finished by. This can help motivate you and remind you of what needs to be done next!

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